Jeremy knows how to join me where I’m at, supporting my vision and offering strategic and compassionate critiques, while at the same time engineering my recordings and meticulously mixing my sound. On the rare occasion that I work with other people, I miss him — it’s that simple.
— Mark Baum, vocalist/musician


Musiquito Media was founded in 2002 with the aim of providing reasonably priced, professional recording, mixing, audio-post and composition to a varied clientele. The studio, because of its size, was appropriately named Musiquito (“little musician”) Studios.

Musiquito Studios is located in Oakland, CA and available for the recording, editing and mixing of music, video and spoken word of all styles. Having worked with some of the San Francisco Bay Area's finest artists and musicians, the studio has garnered a reputation for a warm, creative and professional recording environment with rich, accurate and detailed mixes.

Many comment on the peaceful vibe and nice live room sound. The studio is housed in what originally was a detached building from a 1927 Craftsman bungalow with lots of natural light.