Albany FilmFest 2019

What a great event! We screened some excellent films this year at Landmark’s Albany Twin including Satan and Adam, Adios Amor: the Search for Maria Moreno and Gloria’s Call, as well as all the short, independent films entered in the competition. Nate Duncan’s The Interview took Best in Show.

Though much of the work to put together Albany FilmFest is done by an AMAZING team of volunteers, they hire out vendors to cover various aspects of the event. As technical director, I wore a number of hats, including screening the shows from a stuffy little booth with a big, hot projector, but also handled event logistics and coordination. I organized all of the media marketing, bringing in Chris Stevenson, who prepared the poster design, t-shirts and all media assets for 2019. Ari Sigal (a former FilmFest judge) edited the 2019 trailer and managed the instagram account.

We also brought in Cynthia Hampton and Stephanie Warner as event photographers, Raul Varela shot all the interviews and Q&A, and Gavin Jones (Duvateen Sound) ran sound. Jeannine Hooks designed the 2019 Gala decor. We’re all looking forward to 10 years of Albany FilmFest when it comes around again next year.


Disconnected | Communion with the Community

Trailer for the January 2019 show “Disconnected”, detailing the breakdown of marriages/relationships in modern day society along with mental health issues plaguing the black community.

CWTC LLC uses theatre as a platform to bring awareness to these issues with a concentrated effort on having solution oriented dialogue with panelist equipped to guide the discussion, helping everyone walk away renewed with a fresh perspective on communicating effectively and healing our relationships! Edited with images and footage shot by photographer Stephanie Warner.

Albany CERT Fall 2018 highlights

Spent an evening with the Fall 2018 Albany class on their final test, edited this the next day.

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program educates volunteers about disaster preparedness for the hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. CERT offers a consistent, nationwide approach to volunteer training and organization that professional responders can rely on during disaster situations, which allows them to focus on more complex tasks. Through CERT, the capabilities to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters is built and enhanced.

Brower Youth Awards 2018

Proud to be invited back to film the 2018 Brower Youth Awards at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco. Each year the Brower Youth Award recognizes the work of six young leaders who are making strides in the environmental movement. A signature element of Earth Island Institute’s year-round New Leaders Initiative, Brower Youth Award winners demonstrate excellent leadership as well as a commitment to the communities their work serves.


Rose Foundation 25th yr. Anniversary

First insertion of the new Musiquito logo designed by Chris Stevenson! On this event we worked with Event Coordinator Kerry Fiero to produce a 25th Anniversary celebration, film festival and fundraiser. We coordinated logistics of all the projection rentals from Oakland Audio Visual and edited films for screening at the event. While on-site, we ran the show in conjunction with house tech. staff, filmed presentations and gathered b-roll footage for social media promotion.