the studio

Musiquito Productions was begun in 2002 as a way to promote Jeremy’s work as a musician, educator and audio engineer.  The physical studio, because of its size, was appropriately named Musiquito (“little musician”) Studios. Its purpose: to provide reasonably priced, professional recording, editing, mixing, audio/ video composition and post-production to a varied clientele.

Having worked with some of the San Francisco Bay Area’s finest musicians (as well as an increasing amount of international artists and filmmakers with recent projects in Venezuela, Chile, and Bolivia) the studio has garnered a reputation for a warm, creative and professional recording environment with rich, accurate and detailed mixes.  Many have commented on the peaceful vibe and nice live room sound. The studio is housed in what originally was a detached building from a 1927 Craftsman bungalow with lots of natural light.

Musiquito Studios offers a comprehensive Pro Tools, Logic, and Final Cut system including high quality microphones, preamps, and cabling, used as the front end of the recording path to ensure the purest reproduction of your music and spoken word.  The goal is to produce a high quality product, whether for a mixtape, live recording, website, voice-over, or complete CD. All achieved in a friendly, supportive and relaxed environment.